About Us


Our company operates since 2003 and has an established position in the market of aluminum balustrades and constructions. We are constantly developing enterprise that can adapt to functional, residential or hotel building trends. We have pleasure to work with major developers in Pomerania.

We specialize in the manufacturing, assembling and sales of modern systems of aluminum balustrades and lightweight aluminum constructions. We can offer railings to luxury hotels, apartment and office buildings as well as simpler and also more achievable solutions for housing. Our products are created with passion - we make them durable, safe and aesthetic, and therefore we attach our attention to not only meet the technical and safety standards, but also to gaze attracted passers-by and gave the buildings an unique appearance.


Aluminum alloys belong to the group of light metals – they are about three times lighter than steel and provide similar stiffness and strength. Balustrades made out aluminum are resistant to weather conditions and durable. They do not corrode, are easy to keep clean and require minimum maintenance. Perfectly present themselves filled with a wide range of glass finishes (f.ex. transparent, matt white or graphite). Anodized balustrades match the style of modern buildings. And if you expect to match your new railing to the existing color scheme, we also offer a choice of over 200 shades of powder coating (RAL palette).

If you prefer to install our railings or canopies – choose systems. They are cut-to-fit constructions, packed together with all the bits and pieces needed to install. Contracting side does not have to weld or adjust – just assemble them from pre-made elements. Simply attach and fix the finished structure at the designated place. Installation of this type of constructions is not complicated and anyone can do that on their own.


Frameless glass balustrades

Frameless glass balustrades combine simple design with modern, elegant look. Safety glass used in our constructions ensures stability and resistance to mechanical damage. Glass panes can be attached directly to the face of balcony slab using fascia mounts or mounted inside systemic profiles on the side or at the top. All glass edges are ground in order to obtain clean, straight look with maximum user safety. Whole structure can be finished using aluminum, stainless, wooden or composite handrails.

anodized aluminium balustrades

Systemic anodized aluminum balustrades with glass infills are currently the most frequently chosen option of railings. Our constructions go through anodizing process which makes them robust and weatherproof, and gives them unique, satin apperance. Undeniable advantages of this solution are quick and easy installation and favorable price. In our offer we have wide range of aluminum details and glass infills in various designs and colors.

Balustrades with glass infill

Systemic aluminum railings with safety glass infills are made to fit your expectations by multiple options of configuration. There is a few handrails and a few types of safety glass infills to choose from. Our structures are suitable for mounting both indoors and outdoors. Systemic profiles are covered with a thick layer of powder paint that provides resistance to weather conditions and mechanical damage. You can choose the color that you want from full RAL color chart and match it to the existing facade of the building or to your own vision.

stair balustrades

Stair railings, because of their functional use, are made to be durable and solid, and prepared with particular attention to detail. The simple design and aesthetic appearance will highlight the visual values of the building, and a large number of customization options will fit them into any interior. In our offer we have a wide range of infills made of safety glass, polycarbonate, perforated sheets or balusters and aluminum, stainless, wood or composite handrails in various shapes and shades.

Balustrades filled with wooden or composite panels

Build-up balustrades combine modern design with classic infills. They can be finished with impregnated wood or composite panels with the wood texture, HPL laminated boards, sheets of solid and honeycomb polycarbonates, aluminum perforated sheets or CETRIS boards (cement-particle boards). The opaque structure will ensure the privacy of the users and will highlight the styling of the building.

Balustrades filled with balusters

In our offer we also have aluminum railings filled with vertical or horizontal balusters. This classic solution is perfect for modern housing and utility buildings by entering the straight lines of the building. Both the construction and details are in the simple, modern rectangular shapes. Vertical balusters ensures maximum safety and reduces the possibility of children climbing on the structure. To achieve the aesthetic and pure appearance, the edges of balusters are covered with angular brackets.

Porte-fenetre (french balconies)

Glass porte-fenetre are structures protecting high windows used in modern construction. They are also enrich the look of the facade of the building without reducing the amount of light getting inside. They can be mounted inside the window openings or directly to the facade. They allow you to enjoy unlimited view from the interior providing safety for you and your loved ones.

glass canopies

Glass canopies are a convenient way of roofing the entrance to the building and protect you from rain and snow when entering or leaving the building. They are made of at least 8mm tempered safety glass and mounted using stainless connecting rods or on aluminum subframe. Systemic connectors that we developed allows to connect multiple glass modules together to create single durable and reliable canopy with a desired lenght.

custom aluminum constructions

Custom light aluminum structures applicable in housing and utility bonstructions executed in accordance to clients ideas and designs or projects proposed by us. Among the others: glass & aluminum bike sheds, wooden or glass balcony partitions, ventilation and chimney louvers, basement partition walls, ramps for disabled people, ladders with safety cages, gates, fences and more.